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Individual Worksheet: Experience With Teams

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Essay Preview: Individual Worksheet: Experience With Teams

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Individual Worksheet: Experience with Teams

Question 1

I have been involved with teams of all kinds: social, work and play. The teams all have a goal that they are working towards. Some of the teams have been easy going while others have been seriously focused on obtaining a goal. I have worked with all kinds of team members; I would like to say that I got along with all of them. But that is what makes working with teams interesting.

Question 2

A couple of yeas ago my wife and I were involved with the drama group at our church. We had a lot of fun doing the rehearsals and working on setting the stage up. There was a lot of joking and clowning around. However the goal was to pull off a play without any errors. It just goes to show that you can be on a team have a good time and still accomplish your goals.

Question 3

My responsibilities were to learn my lines and our movements. I was also supposed to stay in character while on stage. I pulled if off without a hitch. I enjoy acting and making people laugh.

Question 4

We meet as a team once week to rehearse. We rehearsed our lines, movements and mannerisms. There is a director, but she would have a hard time keeping us under control. We did have a format that we followed, and there was a lot accomplished. There was one real con to the way it was set up. Practice was supposed to be only an hour. But most of the time with all the horsing around, practice usually ran two hours.

Question 5

The way that rehearsals were set up, we had a lot of fun. I looked forward to rehearsals. I would not have changed anything. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. I think that changes would have taken away from the experience.

Question 6

I did not really any problems with any one person on the team; however there was one person that I think is a little weird. But we were all after the same goal, so my differences had to be put aside. Petty issues need to be put aside, so if you think someone is weird. Deal with it. I’m sure that there was someone who thought that I was weird. I was very successful in putting my thoughts of people aside.



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