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Importance Of Synergy

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In organization Synergy becomes very important. Take an organization of your choice and bring out the importance of Synergy in making the organization more productive.

Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In organizational terms, synergy means that as separate departments within an organization cooperate and interact, they become more productive than if each were to act in segregation. The concept of synergy is resulting from the systems approach in which the management views the organization as a unified, decisive system rather dealing with it as separate units. This approach gives managers a way of looking at the organization as a whole and as a part of the larger, external environment. System theory tells us that the activity of any segment of an organization affects, in varying degrees, the activity of every other segment.

We can explain the importance of synergy by analyzing a group and commenting how synergy affects the productivity of the complete organization. For example if we take the management at the airport where they have to supervise hundreds of airlines and endow with proper services to thousands of passengers, synergy becomes very important in dealing with such hustle situation. After an airline arrives at the airport there are various groundwork before the next takeoff. For example:

1. As passengers disembark, the pilot loads flight plan information into the aircraft computer.

2. Workers clean the cabin

3. Caterers replenish food, drinks and snacks

4. A fuel truck loads 5300 gallons of fuel into the wings

5. Baggage crew unloads luggage and freight

6. New people board, and luggage are loaded

7. Ramp agents push the plane away from the gate

A number of tactics are used to speed up the complete process. For example 6 to 7 employees are used instead of 3 to 4 for loading & unloading the luggage. Flights attendants record leftovers and tell the pilots, whom to call ahead so caterers know exactly what is needed. Cleaners do a less than perfect job, tidying up on as needed



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