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The Immigration of 1885

In 1865 many things that altered America's history. There was Industrialization, Urbanization, but most importantly the start of immigration to the U.S. Immigration turned America to what it is today. Immigration brought the new and the old immigrants to the U.S. The new Immigrants didn't speak much English, uneducated, illiterate, and were not skilled. The old immigrants were educated, skilled, Educated and were accustomed to democracy. Immigration also brought with it political, economical, social changes to the U.S.

Many political changes helped build the states/country. Crime was a big issue with the people. Crimes were committed by the homeless and the poor and at this time there wasn't many polices station to do anything about the criminals so they roamed freely. Immigrants came from cost to cost, in mainly two stations, Ellis Island located in New York and Angel Island in San Francisco. Immigrants would come to theses stations and would have to wait two-five days to see if they would be accepted and could enter the United States. Those who were rejected were shipped back to the way they came from. Many question why would immigrants leave there homeland and come to the U.S to regain everything they once had: many immigrants were forced to leave from religious prosecution; the rest came because Europe at this time was growing fast and space was becoming limited. For the immigrants the United States was great because it offered them "The Golden Door" with meant, promise of better life.

With Immigrants coming in the United States needed to change its economy to fit everyone. With the huge number of immigrants coming to the U.S new buildings that could support the population were needed to be built. The solution to this problem was to build a house known as the tenement. Although the tenements seemed like a solution at the time, the tenements only caused more problems. Immigrants were forced to live with others in these houses. As Jacob Riss said, "homes had ceased to be sufficiently separate, decent and Desirable to afford." At this time trash pickup/dumping was not thought of yet, and people living in houses would just throw there trash out of there window into



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