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Immigration Problems

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Should the U.S Encouraged or Restrict Illegal Immigration

The United States is in the midst of a great wave of immigration, which brings in roughly one million new residents a year. More than 1 in 10 U.S. residents are immigrants, and while that's the highest share of the overall American population since the 1930s, it's still below the high of 15 percent recorded in 1890 and 1910, according to a recent Census Bureau report. Most of the new immigrants come from Latin America and Asia. Like earlier waves of immigration, this flow is likely to fundamentally change America, but Americans have yet to work through how they feel about it. Americans generally draw a distinction between legal and illegal immigration, and are far more concerned about the illegal variety. But most Americans (63 percent) think the majority of immigrants came here illegally. Half of Americans say the country is too open to immigrants since September 11th, and there has been an increase in the number people who want to reduce immigration. A recent Gallup survey found 58 percent wanted a reduction in immigration, a 20-point increase over the year before. It isn't clear however, whether this is a long-term shift in attitudes or a short-term reaction to the shock of the terrorist attacks. While most people say legal immigration has been good for America throughout history, the public is closely divided on whether the country benefits from immigration today. Many say immigration has not created major problems in their town (48 percent) or their neighborhood (57 percent).

The illegal immigrant himself or herself is not primarily to blame for the tide of illegal immigration which conceals and facilitates the presence of those hostile to our national interests. The problem continues to be the lack of political recognition and response to the flaws in our immigration system. Concerned citizens might consider running for elected offices themselves



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