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Illiad and Odessey

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Essay Preview: Illiad and Odessey

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Albao, Peter Jhon R.                                                                                                 May 23, 2016


A. BOOK 14

  1. Book 14 opens with two quarrels, one among men, the other among gods. How does Odysseus address Agamemnon? Has he spoken to him in this manner previously in the poem? What does this reveal about the state of affairs on the Greek side?

Odysseus angrily scolds Agamemnon he also said that the Agamemnon’s plan is nonsense. He doesn’t spoke through that manner in the previous book. It reveals that he is easily to panic because of the reason that greek is losing.

  1. How is Zeus temporarily taken out of the action? Compare this scene to the passage in Book 3 where Aphrodite brought Helen and Paris together. How are the scenes alike? How different?

Hera enchanted Zeus to have intercourse for her so Zeus could rest. Aphrodite took Paris and brought him at Helen's chamber while Agamemnon we're going to execute Paris. Aphrodite masked as an old ladies that used to brush Helen's fleece to call her to her chamber saying that Paris is protected. Much the same as Zeus to Paris they we're both suffocated into their spouses, more infatuated and they need their better half's to have intercourse with them. Furthermore, it's likewise a like since Zeus is additionally amidst the battle. However, the distinction is that, Hera had an arrangement while Helen doesn't.

  1. What is so amusing about Zeus's response to the beautified Hera? Is this portrait intentionally funny or do you think it reveals other aspects of Zeus's character that are worthy of respect and reverence?

For me it reveals the other manner of zeus that he is just the same wave length like some other gods.

B. BOOK 15

  1. When Zeus rebukes Hera for intervening against his will, what does he declare that will have important consequences for the Greeks, and Achilles in particular?

It says that achaians are to be turned in headlong fight and to fall back in the ships of Achilles. And it stated that hector would kill Achilles’ friend, Patroclus and then Achilles will kill Hector.

  1. What is the state of the fighting in the closing lines of this book? How does Homer show the desperation of the Greeks?

That the war is in favor of the Trojan because they are close to the ships of the achaian. Homer shows that Greeks are desperate when he makes Aias fight really hard even if he is in the bad state.



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