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Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration

Many people disagree on the issue of illegal immigration. Some feel that it is a good thing and some hate the fact that they are coming over here. Most people don't like them in our country because they don't have to pay taxes, they bring drugs into our country, taking jobs away from Americans, and when they are over here some drink and drive, which causes wrecks killing innocent people.

Illegal immigration causes controversy among many Americans because they work hard everyday and has to pay taxes, but the illegal immigrants come over here and work for cheap without having to worry about paying taxes. With them working for cheap many people would rather pay them instead of Americans who need the job. That causes a huge uproar between Americans because they need the jobs but the immigrants are getting the jobs instead.

Many Illegal immigrants are bringing drugs into our country illegally. These drugs are being sold on America's streets causing many more problems for our police because they can't keep up with all of the drugs being brought into America today.

The more drugs they bring in, there is more of a chance that kids can get a hold of them.

Another problem with illegal immigration is that some of them decide to drink and drive. Doing this causes many wrecks, which cause innocent people to get killed. This is a very big problem because most of the people that cause the wrecks don't even have drivers license or insurance. When they get taken to jail the just get deported and eventually end back up in the United States in a matter of years.

So if you think that the things I wrote about is a problem, then you agree with many Americans that illegal immigration is a problem. Our nation has immigrants coming into it everyday illegally. I hope you can do your part to try and stop this problem.




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