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I Would Never

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I need to explain my actions while were not screaming at each other. First you know I want the best for you, and I want you to make money, I would never

ask you to turn down any job, unless there was a good reason. I didn't want things to go down like they did last night, but there was no compromising with you. I make sacrifices for you all the time but you don't

see them because your so use to me doing them that you dont even notice anymore, I wanted to drive this weekend, but when you asked me to go to pomona with you, I had no problem with losing some money to be with you,

sure I may be a little insecure, but wouldn't you be. Some "girl" friend I never heard of wants to rent your bus with 20 other chicks, doesn't want me to drive, you don't want me come because you don't want them to know you have a girlfriend so you can get "tipped", then you have me get a driver then you back out on that too. What the fuck would you think? You would dump me right away if I did that too you. Sure I get hit on when I drive, but I never know prior to the job that its gonna happen, and if I do I DONT DRIVE IT! As far as the dikes, you know I don't like girls, and that you had nothing to worry about, they were very respectful, and never hit on me. I never would have thought you would be this narrow minded, to not see how that is so fucked up to do to me. Then on top of that you break up with me. Sorry about the TCP thing, I just know that you don't care about me, but you care about that. My bad, go ahead and use them you know I would never turn you in. If you dont want to be with me thats fine, at least I stuck up for what I believe is right, and tried to make it work, if you would have gave a little effort too, we probably would of had a good relationship. Guess we'll never know.


I would



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