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Hy Written Task 1 Ib

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For my written task I have chosen to write a blog titled "The Body Myth" to show that only thin models are used for advertisements in today's world and about how a woman who is a plus size model would feel about it.

I got my inspiration from Ashley graham who is a very famous plus-size model. The Nebraskan model was the first plus size woman to ever grace the cover, and she performed beautifully.

I analysed Lane Bryant's advertisement-#thisbody. It is based on part 2 of the literature and language course.

Writing a blog will help me because i want a large crowd to break silence about this stereotype and start discussing this topic in an open forum.

My aim is to show the model, Bella's point of view, who has been shown in the advertisement. She wants to bring out in the open the atrocities that she has to undergo to star in a advertisement like body shaming .

The intended purpose of my response is to gain attention about the difficulties that a model, who is not of the "desired" body type, faces while searching for work in the advertisement industry and about how this industry sets specific standards about a plus size model.

I have written a blog entry as in my opinion, it is an effective way of communicating my thoughts on the topic of 'body shaming.

The target audience are teenage girls who admire Bella, that they feel the need to have specific beauty standards and the socially constructed ideologies relating to beauty and body image. It is set during present time, where plus sized models are starting to be looked upon by the society. Therefore, this blog will powerfull



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