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Human Services

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Journal #2 Chapter 2

1. Describe major characteristics of helping those in need prior to the Middle Ages, during the middle Ages, and immediately following the middle Ages.

2. Trace the role of the church and the role of the government during the middle Ages and immediately following the middle Ages.

The church provided help for the needy

The needy in England received help from the government and the mentally impaired were categorized.

3. Describe the Elizabethan Poor Laws and explain how these laws influenced colonial America’s approach to helping the poor and needy.

During the middle Ages it was the duty of the Church to provide for the poor, elderly, mentally ill, disabled and orphans, through the collection of tithes which were considered a public tax. Through the passage of time and the development of industrialization and new economy this no longer was the case, and the needy were left with no care at all. In 1601 the Elizabethan Poor Laws were passed as a result of pressure by the larger cities to alleviate some of the problem of poverty. The Elizabethan Poor Laws were instrumental in guiding welfare practices in the US as well as England by specifying who was to receive which services and by who they would be provided. Responsibility for public assistance was now to belong to the government. It identified 3 groups of have not the poor, the people with mental disabilities and criminals. Started the attack on poverty, built the foundation for future human services.

4. What role did institutions play in the development of human services?

Institutions were established in the colonies as an initial way to meet human needs.

5. Trace the development of care for the mentally ill and children from the 1850’s to the 1930’s. How did



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