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Human Rights - Essential Part of Our Life

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Human Rights

        Human rights are our essential part of our life that make us who we are. Many people around the world don’t even have simple rights like choosing their own clothes and voice because of human rights violations. Even though we may not think human rights are a big deal in our life because we take it for granted, we experience it everyday. From having our freedom or religion, criticizing the government, traveling wherever we want, to talking to our neighbors without getting prosecuted. Some human rights violations include beating up a child and not getting a proper education. The creation of the United Nations essentially started after World War II when Nazi Germany exterminated more than six million Jews, Sinti, and Romani, homosexulas, and persons with disabilites. People all around the world were horrified by these violations of human rights. These crimes were known as “crimes against humanity” and “crimes against peace.” Governments around the world committed themselves in creating the United Nations with the primary goal for international peace and preventing conflict. Examples like the Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) and the International Bill of Human Rights(ICESCR) focus on issues such as food, education, health, shelter, right to life, freedom of speech, etc. Even though we may believe that governments have made the biggest role, non-governmental officials such as Human Rights first and the Laogai Research foundation were a huge part in working for peace. In this document I found the most interesting fact was that even though we are born with these basic rights to be human, millions of people around the world didn’t experience these rights until governments and organizations worked together to bring peace. It is amazing how nations around the world interacted together to stop a worldwide problem which are violations in human rights. Not only that our basic rights count way back during the Aztec period and in all religions. One human right I didn’t seem to find in the document were working rights. There was freedom of speech, voting, press, shelter, dignity and food but I couldn’t find a lot of info on how humans should be treated during work. I believe this is a huge problem even in the 21st century. All around the world people are treated unfairly and abused while trying to provide for their family. Working rights should be bigger focus because everyone needs to work in one point in their life and they should be treated properly. We need to study human rights in the criminal justice system because it is the foundation in learning what is acceptable and what is not. By learning that we have the ability to speak when we want to and believe what we want to shows that when these rights are denied, the criminal justice system can stop these actions.



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