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Human Relations- A Game Plan For Improving Personal Adjustment

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Essay Preview: Human Relations- A Game Plan For Improving Personal Adjustment

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Growing up when I was younger I feel like I got the message to stay young in life. Too me looking back at when I was in elementary school my parents kind of tried to shelter me from things that I was exposed to anyways through my friends and what their parents let them do and see. For example when I was little, although my mom would deny it now, I can remember my mom telling me to call her about watching a PG movie. I can't remember at what age but I don't think it really matters because its PG. I've said stuff about it to her and she acts like it's not true and tries to deny it or something. We laugh about it now but I really think that's kind of odd and it definitely sent the message to stay young.

As for growing up faster, I feel like I've gotten that message to in life. I think that as we grow up we receive both messages at certain and different times in our lives. I think through middle school is the time when your kind of pushed to grow up and stop acting so immature, and for some people that could spread into high school as well.

The influence comes from parents, when I mention the elementary school part that's my parents wanting to protect and shelter me, then middle school it's them wanting me to stop being so lazy and get my ass in gear and do something. For different people it's different circumstances, there are definitely people who grow up in a tough family environment and are basically forced to fend for themselves at a young age.

I found out that change is good through the growing up process. When people stay the same then nothing ever really gets accomplished. The changing process is a very gradual process and people need to change in order to better their lives and I believe strongly that people can change dramatically.

I have lived in the same house for as long as I can remember, my parents have moved one time and I was only two so I don't really remember much. My parents have been married for almost 30 years and have always had what seemed from my point of view as a strong relationship. I think that this has helped me growing up and not really made me have to deal with much change.

I like to think that I'm a pretty healthy person. I don't smoke, I do drink but not many college students don't. I'm very active and like to participate in sports, I also workout about five days a week most the time. I also eat fairly healthy, at least compared to most Americans now. I don't eat fast food very often at all and if I do it usually makes me sick because I never do.

At least now I eat healthy because I live back at my parents house, last year I lived in Arizona and it wasn't as easy. First it was tough because I didn't want to take the time to cook for myself and second it's not very cheap to eat healthy. It's a lot cheaper to eat shitty foods.

Chapter nine level 2 questions

While I definitely agree with how the book talks about how most changes come from adulthood I would also say that there is quite a few during adolescents. The biggest change for most people comes during that stage and that is puberty. That's the time in most adolescence lives that seems to cause the most problems. During this time you supposedly become a man or a women, but it's not until a long time after this period in which that really happens. It's not just the physical changes but also the emotional changes and it just seems like it sucks and your parents are always getting mad at you for one thing or another.

Adult transitions can be some of the hardest but I would say adolescence is the biggest change. As mentioned in the book I would agree that the changes for adults that are most common are probably divorce, employment and probably just the transition of leaving the whole college party mode.

The biggest transition in my life that I've gone through so far is probably growing up and learning and taking more responsibilities. That includes living on my own, paying bills, and working while going to school. This change was very tough at first and that's probably why I don't live in Arizona anymore. I did ok for myself down there but still had help for my parents at the same time. This transition in a young adults life can be very hard and should be taken easily and I think my parents making me work for things but helping me out at the same time has made it much better.

I'm a very determined and goal oriented person, while I'm still unsure about my exact profession as many people at my age are, I know what it will take to be where I want to be. Within the next five years I hope to be working with a company in either sports marketing or management and working my way up the "ladder". Within the next ten years I want to be very successful at what I'm doing and be the one trusted to make the decisions, rather then



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