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Huckleberry Finn

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In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, chapters 19 and 20 add to the plot by taking Huck and Jim on a different path than their usual lazy peaceful days on the raft. While Huck is collecting berries in a creek, he is approached by two men that are desperately seeking rescue from the men and dogs that pursue them. After escaping the scent of the dogs, and the wrath of the men, the two men discover that they are both con artists and decide to work together. The two men trick Huck and Jim into believing that they decedents of royalty so that they can receive special treatment whilst on the raft. Huck does realize later that these two men are liars, but would rather keep his mouth shut about it so as to keep peace on the raft. These men are living examples of the ugly society that Huck and Jim are trying to escape. Through the "King", Huck learns the gullibility of Americans as the "King" cheats a meeting hall full of people out of $87 dollars and a jug of whisky. With these two men onboard the raft, the usual peace is far from near.

Chapters 19 and 20 introduce us to the con artists that play themselves off as high royalty to Huck and Jim. The youngest man (around 30 years old), tells Huck and Jim that he is a Duke, and that he would like to be treated like a Duke. The oldest man (70 years old), tells Huck and Jim that he is a King, and would like to receive better treatment than the Duke. Huck knows that these two men are liars, but Huck-being the keeper of peace that he is, decides it's best not to expose the men. Jim on the other hand, can't see past the fog, and gets very excited to have such men on the raft. We learn that both of these men cheat and lie there way from town to town, and we witness this first hand with the "King's" performance in the town meeting hall, and the "Duke's" work at the printing shop.

Mark Twain does not regularly use figurative language



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