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Hubries Of Humanities Response

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The Hubris of Humanities Response

The Hubris of Humanities Response

To me this article proves one important thing. At this time in the world, statistics seem to be telling us that the majority of society is not capable of making intelligent and worldly effective decisions. A small number of qualified individuals are capable of making educated decisions regarding important things such as stem cell research or other scientific methods that could better the way of humanity in the future. At least in the United States, ignorance and apathy constantly seem to dominate over political issues or policies involving a common good for humanity.

Although statistics may show that society as a whole is not very bright, I have to admit that most of the statistics mentioned in the article understate the intelligence of most people, specifically Americans. - "One-fifth of Americans still believe that the Sun goes around the Earth, instead of the other way around. And only about half know that humans did not live at the same time as dinosaurs." These are the type of things that may be true, but do not represent a nation as a whole. Humanity itself argues the idea of "intelligent design", which in this article is brought up numerous times. The United States is a country that is dominated by a population that is more against evolution that nearly any other civilization on earth.

People make the argument that the cause for this "ignorance" is the lack of proper schooling and education, along with the lack of cultural awareness and education of ample subjects such as liberal arts and studies not as common in the western world. Agreeable these arguments may be, they definitely arise serious questions, to whether or not the United States are capable of embarking on extremely complicated tasks such as stem cell research and cures for deadly diseases.



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