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How to Properly Take Care of a Tattoo

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Essay Preview: How to Properly Take Care of a Tattoo

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How to Properly Take Care of a Tattoo

        The healing process of a tattoo is the final facet of your art piece. Endless opinions and advice are very much so given, but by listening to your experienced tattoo artist, you will find that their information is beneficial. Normally a tattoo takes about one to two weeks to heal, but in actuality, it depends on the type, size, and placement of the tattoo, as well as your body’s natural healing abilities.  Taking the time out to read how to properly take care of your tattoo guarantees a better healing process and making sure that it looks good as possible.

        Once your tattoo artist finishes your tattoo, he/she will apply a thin coat of unscented ointment and place clear wrap on the tattoo. Using clear wrap the best type of bandaging that can be used. Clear wrap doesn’t stick the site and you won’t have to constantly remove it so that your peers can see the wonderful art! Typically, the clear wrap is left on the tattoo for 2 to 4 hours max. From person experience, after a couple of hours of having my tattoo(s) covered, I carefully removed the clear wrap. Leaving the clear wrap on the tattoo site for a prolonged period of time can cause infection. The barrier of the skin becomes moist and the warmth of the bandaged area is necessary for bacteria to grow.

        After the bandaging of your newly tattoo has been removed, it is time to wash the tattoo. When you wash your tattoo, you are removing excess ink as well as the thin layer of the ointment. The only thing that is used to wash the tattoo is unscented anti-bacterial soap, lukewarm water, and a soft washcloth. It is crucial that you do not scrub the tattoo. You would want to gently wash the tattoo. Never allow the water to constantly run on your tattoo, as this may cause damage to the product. If you choose, you may let the lukewarm water run in an area above to site and flow to the tattooed area, but only for a short period of time. After washing your tattoo, blot dry by using a clean soft towel and allow it to remain dry as it is exposed in the air, which helps with the healing process.



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