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How the Sun Is Keeping Its Power

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How the Sun is keeping its power

One Day In a old village lived a boy named Saquon Barkley.He was a very… interesting person.He had a costume that he loved.He was in his room with Kyler.

“Yo Kyler you want to go prank our friends with these costumes”Kyler said

“Yeah, let's do it.I think they will be really scared by the Venom costume.”

“Ok you wear the Venom costume and i will wear the Spider Knight costume.”ordered Saquon

“Ok let's go”said Kyler

As the two boys were walking to their friends house suddenly they had heard a thunder and heard someone talking.

“Boys I am Johnnie's the god of war. I have been in a fight with the other countries and would really like you guys to help us restore the power of the sun.The other countries are trying to destroy it. It has lasted 100,000 years.”

“But how are we going to get there”said Kyler

“You will entering a teleportation booth and you will teleported to the core of the sun but in that teleportation booth you will drink a potion that will make immortal”said Johnnies

“Ok where is this teleportation thing you’re talking about”.Said Saquon

It is in the Namib Desert in Africa”said Johnnies

It was a long journey to the Namib desert but they were able to get there.

“Kyler I it's right over there let's go hurry up”said Saquon

As they finally reached the teleportation booth they realized once you go there you can’t come back to earth.

“Saquon I don’t think this is a good idea.”Said Kyler




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