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How Overwhelming and Stressful Homework Can Be

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Essay Preview: How Overwhelming and Stressful Homework Can Be

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Dear Stressed and Depressed,

I have an idea of what you are going through at this point of your life. I fully understand how overwhelming and stressful homework can be. The fact that your parents are divorced, I can’t imagine how hurt you feel.

In your letter, I noticed some signs of depression. One warning sign of depression is saying things to yourself to bring you down and lack of motivation. In the letter you stated, “I feel worthless and sometimes wish I had never been born” and “I don’t want to get up in the morning and I just want the pain to go away.” These quotes show possible signs of depression. Other quotes you stated were, “feel like it is my fault that they are getting a divorce.” You shouldn’t blame yourself for your parents divorce. It’s something they have to deal with and I’m positive it was not caused because of you. “but I just want to be alone.” Wanting to be alone is normal, but not wanting to socialize or put any effort in studying is sign of depression.

Lucky for you, I have a few healthy strategies to help you deal with your depression and stress.

One way you can reduce stress is by having a hobby to let you take time to relax with an activity you enjoy. Hobbies have many benefits. Such as, improvement in memory, improves your mood, and reduces stress. Whenever you feel stressed out just do something you enjoy doing. It can be anything. You can watch a movie, play with a pet, arts and crafts, or even spend time with friends and family to share a laugh. Talk to a therapist or counselor. Talking to a mental health professional about your feelings and the situations you are going on in life and then they can determine if you have some kind of mental health issue or diagnoses. Mental health professionals can help you learn to manage depression and teach you coping skills. Get moving. Take time to release your mind and body. Exercise



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