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How Ict Is Used In The World

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ICT can be beneficial to the world with computers to help students and teachers in their education. It benefits students because it can help them type up work quickly e.g. long essays. It gives them confidence on their vocabulary and if they did a mistake at the beginning when handwritten they don't have to write up the whole essay again, making their presentation of work low rated. It helps the teachers so they don't have that much of work to do. They benefit from this because they can have more free time without complaining, and planning lessons can be time consumed as well, e.g. if all the work and tests were programmed on a system the teachers will have a hassle free life and they wouldn't even have to waste time on marking papers because the system will print out the results for them.


ICT can be beneficial for manufacturing that can help factories produce their products quickly, not causing the company to slow down on manufacturing. The robots that owners maintain are all fit to do work 24/7 without tiring out and slacking off work. It helps factory owners in a way that they can feel confident that the work gets done without worrying about staff going on strike, staff pay raises, and no need for advertising vacancies and shortage of staff, and no need for a department for human resources.


ICT can be beneficial to the world of medicine that can also help the NHS. Experts systems and databases are crucial to the efficient running of the NHS. The NHS is already slow enough with waiting lists of over 6months as a min. of major operations and if they weren't running these systems the information will have to be processed manually resulting in longer waiting and more prone to errors. ICT can also help NASA to research more about the human physiology,



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