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How Does The Color Of The Product Affect The Buyer

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Essay Preview: How Does The Color Of The Product Affect The Buyer

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The purpose of this project is to see if the color of the product affects the buyer's choices in what to buy. The hypothesis is that younger girls would most likely pick the pink package rather than the purple package. The general procedure will be held at a local toy store on the weekend. The group will go to Toys R Us and ask little girls which color package they prefer.

Review of Literature

In 1958 Barbie was modeled after a prostitute (German) doll named Lilli. In the sixties the doll was 3 dollars. The six-dollar version had different wigs. The whole wardrobe cost $136. People spent year round updating Barbie's image. In 1987 the slogan for Barbie was: "Girls can be anything (as long as she has the right outfit)". Barbie sales went down in the mid-eighties. In the eighties people were more interested in Jem and the Holograms because they because they were rock stars, and they were cool, and much more trendy then Barbie in they rock star era. Following in Jems footsteps, in 1987 Barbie had a rock band and a T.V. show of her own. From a resource the group found this story: "this entire "girl' section was drenched in pink paint, pink lettering, and pink products. I considered putting on my sunglasses in order not to be blinded by the glitter reflecting off every plastic Barbie box, but figured that too pretentious even in L.A. I finally took cover in the shade of a giant mound of fluffy teddy bears, and contemplated the dreadful aisles surrounding me. Not only was pink and purple the color of choice for "girl" marketers but there was no shortage of classify annoying "feminine" toys, such as household cleaning items like vacuums and, this year's must have, a girl's first ironing board. Gee, thanks Santa".

Some young girls think that this is how a woman is supposed to look like. If Barbie were real though she would be 11 ft. tall, neck twice the length of any persons, and weigh 110 lbs." Only 76% OF HEALTHY WEIGHT." Measurements: 39-18-33.She would not be able to menstruate because of being under weight. Her feet would be too small to support her body.

Most women in the fifties and sixties were expected to be especially lady like and girly and always be daddy's little girl and Eve nelson in 1967 was no exception " it's up to you to create a female aura around her before she can say "goo"...Ribbons and ruffles and other 'pretties" will not only subliminally impress her with the special ness of her own gender but will also influence the behavior and attitude of a family and friends who hover around the cradle". Even now people have expectations of the perfect little girls. In the nineties came a wave of "Girl power" and girls can do anything. This still has no completely phased out but it has started to die because of Hollywood jamming outer beauty and cosmetic surgery down our throat. That image of pink and Barbie is still planted into young girls heads today that life is all about shopping, boys and looks. I have a friend in particular who isn't phased by the stereotypical image of girls today. " Mostly cutesy and innocuous in its assertions that little girls like " new shoes, party dresses, dolls, make-believe, dancing lessons, kitchens, and all that girly stuff." We know that when we were little girls we loved the color pink and still do. I was always the pink ranger when I palyed power rangers with my all boy cousins, even though I grew-up around all those boys I still turned



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