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Homemade Candy - Informative Speech

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Essay Preview: Homemade Candy - Informative Speech

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Rebecca Rich

Comm. Public Speaking


Informative Speech

Sweet sugary treats are loved by all, young and old. Many people think that desserts are hard to make, but today I’m going to teach you a little about my favorite homemade candy, and also teach you how simple it is to make. Its called Puppy Chow in my home, but most commonly as Muddy Buddies. I grew up making this treat with my mother and siblings every year for the holidays, especially Christmas. It is very simple and I promise you won’t be disappointed,

First, I would like to tell you about the history of this special treat. No one truly knows the identity of its inventor, however, I like to believe my mother invented it. FUN FACT. It is widely known that cereal was invented in the United States in 1863 by a vegetarian to help improve the health of hospital patients. Corn was the grain that was used because of its abundance at the time. So the corn flake that we all know and love arrived. Today, you will find this delicious recipe on the back of a General Mills Chex cereal box. It was first published on the box in 2010, according to My mother said that she started making it in 1985 after being so bored with what all the other home school parents made for bake sales or pot lunches.

So now that you have a little background on my favorite snack, I’ll explain how to prepare it. You will need to purchase the following ingredients. One regular sized box of Corn Chex cereal (not large or family size), one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, one box of powdered sugar, one jar of peanut butter, and one stick of butter. The tools that you will need include a glass bowl (make sure to use glass instead of plastic, because you will be microwaving the bowl), a mixing spoon, a large Ziploc or paper bag, and measuring cups.

First, combine in the mixing bowl: ½ cup peanut butter, 1 cup chocolate chips, and ¼



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