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Homeless People and Taking Care of the Homeless

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Essay Preview: Homeless People and Taking Care of the Homeless

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Isis slaughter

Mrs. Shrader

Argument Essay

Dec, 9th 2016

                        Homeless People and taking care of the homeless

        I have lived in Jeffersonville, IN all my life; and while living there I have witnessed many things that have happened but this one subject has to be the saddest. Jeffersonville has a homeless people problem; the lifestyle that people are used to have lost their homes due to finances. Every day I would pass by the high ways and the homeless people would just multiply, since this has happened Jeffersonville has not been the same. We as a community need to find a way to make Jefferonsillve what it used to be again, instead of not helping others.

        When it hit the year of 2015 things have began to change more and more families have been slowing losing their homes. Because many families could not live how they used to live anymore. For example when I was a freshman I had class with one of my close friends from middle school.  One day I started to notice that she was not showing up to class anymore. I began to worry; I asked others what happened to her, come to find out that she was put into a shelter with her family because our food and housing taxes went up. This also caused problems for me and my family began; we started to struggle for a while to where I, my mom, and dad all had to pitch in a lot of money from our jobs to continue to live in our house. Not only has homeless increased but Jeffersonville has not been taking care of these homeless people.

        Since there were so many homeless people in Jeffersonville they ran out of space for people to stay in the homeless shelters. When it got to winter time it began to get worse; several people died from how cold it was. On the streets there were dead homeless people frozen. They had to remove their bodies for disturbance of others.  For example my grandmother told me a situation where a homeless man came up to her door asking for food one winter night, my grandmother being a nice person gave him some sandwiches to take with him. She said the next day on her way back she saw his sitting in front of the homeless shelter dead. Hearing that story made me feel a shock of sadness; as the cold winter went on for a while some more homeless died to were people got used to it. The ambulance truck would pick them up every now and then. I hated seeing that happen to our community. Because it did not used to be that way and Jeffersonville should have took an effort in taking of homeless people.

        The community I began to get sick and tired of seeing the problem with homeless people. When fast food restaurant would throw their trash away they would dig in the trash to eat it for example when they went in the trash cans some would get food poison and try to sue the restaurants; in conflict the restaurants stopped letting them eat out of the trash cans. They would also urinate and leave their feces on the streets for example children would walk the streets on their way from school and step in it and it also caused a nasty odor in Jeffersonville. This caused people to complain; the police began arresting and charging the homeless people. For example one day when I was on my way to the movies with my friends there was homeless person eating out of the trash can a police man grabbed very aggressively and threw him back of his car. My friends and I just stopped the car to watch. We were all stunned at the incident of what happened. I understood that the homeless were not supposed to eat from the trash but what else are they supposed to eat. Our town did not provide food for them or did not have many homeless shelters to provide for so many people. Jeffersonville was a true community they would care for the homeless people instead of treating them like criminals.

        Then the situation got worse. Since the homeless people did not have money or food to provide for them many went into prostitution, selling drugs, and joining other gangs.  One example was when there was a girl she had to be at least the age of fifteen or sixteen we were stuck by a train I rolled down my window for some fresh air; the girl came up to my window asking for pleasurement. Even though on the inside I was scared to death I told the young girl “no thank you.” She kept saying please so I began to roll up my window. I was shocked the whole night. The only thing I kept thinking was I just witnessed a child the same age as me ready to give up her body. Since then I and people have witnessed more girls and boys selling their bodies and cars stopping to pick them up. It made me sick to my stomach to watch all that happen to them just the fact that they are so young. These homeless people are doing this because they do not have any more money.



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