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Holocaust Survivors Stories

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Holocaust survivor stories

1. What are some of the basics that the survivors went through- what are the common elements? Was the pain mental, physical or both? Explain.

Some of the common elements were extreme hunger and feelings of hopelessness. People suffered pain both mental and physical, they were terrorized and beaten.

2. Why do you think the Germans let so many people starve instead of just killing them? How were people chosen to die? How did the prisoners try and deal with all the death around them?

I think they let them starve because of a couple reasons. One reason was because it was tortuous to the people to die of hunger, and because it was cheaper than that many bullets. They picked out the people who looked very skinny and couldn't work anymore. If they didn't see much fat on you, they put down your number.

3. . When you are at war, is it acceptable to do what you think is required to win the war?

No, I think certain morals must be kept even if you are losing the war. Torturing, concentration camps, nuclear weapons etc. should not be used under any circumstance.

When (in war) is it acceptable to kill civilians? Explain.

Only if the civilians pose a real threat to the safety of our troops. If a whole city bands to fight us, it is expectable to kill them then. Some times civilian casualties is inevitable, it's wrong, but sometimes unavoidable.

4. How would you try and survive if you suddenly found yourself at one of these camps? Explain.

If I found myself at one of these camps, I'd make a break for and hope I get away. If not, I hope the bullet takes me out in one shot.



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