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In Chapter 13 of Thomas Hobbes Leviathan, Hobbes discusses how men of nature all are equal to one another. By some means, the weakest of men has the ability and strength to kill the strongest of men. Hobbes quotes, "Ð'...if any two men desire the same thing Ð'... endeavor to destroy or subdue one another". And in this case, I absolutely agree because since resources are limited, two men cannot enjoy the same thing, which leads them to becoming enemies and trying to defeat one another. The same is true when two different sides of people go into battle to win a piece of land, for example, the Crusades, where Muslims and Christians went back and forth in war to accomplish possession of the Holy Land, Jerusalem. Hobbes goes on to explain that mankind will continuously live with war, brutality, and death, which he calls the "state of nature" and that the only two things that can lead men to peace are fear of death and reason. If a man is afraid to die, he will attempt to live a life of security and safety and will face his back on war and violence. Reason gives mankind suggestions of peace, which Hobbes describes as the natural laws.

In Chapter 14, Hobbes discusses the first and second of the natural laws. Of the first rule Hobbes quotes, "Ð'...that every man ought to endeavor peace Ð'... when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek and use all helps and advantages of war". I believe seeking peace is the only thing that leads to a nonviolence world but if for some reason like someone pointing a gun or knife toward you, you have no choice but to defend yourself, which can lead to death. The second of law of nature follows up the seeking of peace with men trying to accomplish contracts with one another of divesting themselves of particular rights such as the killing of one another. I believe that this law is almost impossible because what if a man attempts to kill someone you love. Do you just



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