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Hinduism has many combining belief systems, and it is both a religion and a way of life. Hinduism is made up of many different traditions, which each having different ways for enlightenment, and see things a bit different. Although there is not a single founder, religious services or philosophy, each day is filled with spiritually that is never far from the people minds. The value of humans is highly regarded, customs and culture values are very protected and Hinduism is more a path to enlightenment than like many religions that are based on rules. There are some set beliefs that most Hindus believe and share, and do believe in a Supreme Being, with Karma being very important, like a law with Hindus. Karma's meaning are action and the consequences of our actions binding us to this world. Every act we do and every thought shapes our future, and our lives are what we have made it, so we are shaped by the things and thoughts we have done and had. It is also believed that acts we did in past lives also affect our lives today. It is believed that a person is pure if has pure thoughts and actions, and impure through impure things. All of which would follow us after we die, and would affect our incarnation. The desire for freedom of earthly existence is a supporting system for Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Hinduism has many Gods and goddesses which unite them all. "The Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism amount to thousands or even millions, all representing the many aspects of only one supreme Absolute called "Brahman". (Das, n.d)." The Hindus believe that God (Brahman) is everywhere in all shapes and forms, this is the highest caste in the Hindu caste system, Brahman is everything in the universe, and Brahman is the essence of wisdom and purity.

Hinduism has been the predominant religion of the Indian area for centuries, so very vital to the area it originated in. Other religions do not even come near to the concepts of Hinduism. Hindus are not trying to get people to join, or to take the world over in any way. Hinduism does not have holy wars, being very non violent and does not discriminate, everyone regardless of any differences, is accepted. Any kind of power and pride is of no importance to Hindus, living good on this earth is all that is important, so wish to remain undisturbed by influences from the western world. The practice of yoga is meant to aid in finding spiritual enlightenment and purity, these teachings and practices are a way of life for the Hindu and some of what their whole existence centers on and these meditations and what they represent, are not meant to be used as they are now for



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