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High School Drop Out Statistics

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The following information shows certain groups of young people whose members are more likely than others to leave school before graduating. While not everyone in these categories drops out, paying special attention to the needs of students from these groups can keep some of them in school.

Students in large cities are twice as likely to leave school before graduating than non-urban youth.

More than one in four Hispanic youth drop out, and nearly half leave by the eighth grade.

Hispanics are twice as likely as African Americans to drop out. White and Asian American students are least likely to drop out.

More than half the students who drop out leave by the tenth grade, 20% quit by the eighth grade, and 3% drop out by the fourth grade.

Nearly 25% changed schools two or more times, with some changing for disciplinary reasons.

Almost 20% were held back a grade, and almost half failed a course.

Almost one-half missed at least 10 days of school, one-third cut class at least 10 times, and one-quarter were late at least 10 times.

8% spent time in a juvenile home or shelter.

One-third were put on in-school suspension, suspended, or put on probation, and more than 15% were either expelled or told they couldn't return.

12% of dropouts ran away from home.


Both school problems and personal factors are reasons for dropping out.



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