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High Performance Teams

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High Performance Teams

A team is a group of individuals who work together to accomplish certain goals. Any group or number of people can become a team, but it takes motivated high performing individuals to create a high performance team. The core to an ever successful team is the individual's and their willingness to subordinate individual goals to those of the teams that will bring the individual their greatest accomplishments. Individuals have to be willing to work together, not get part of the assignment and complete it I mean they have to be willing to communicate, listen, understand and be non-judgmental of each other. A high performance team communicates with each other on all needed steps of their team performances. The team members have to be willing to help each other out, answer each others questions and never give up on one another. In order for the whole team to be willing to contribute to all needed parts, each individual included in the team must be a hard worker and be a person that "truly wants" to do well and contribute to the best of their personal ability. A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. High performing teams present an ideal operational model; a high performance team delivers results and gets them done in proper time frame.

Diversity in culture and demographic characteristics can be a source of friction and conflict or be one of the team's greatest strengths. A group can become a high-performing team by understanding how cultural and demographic dissimilarity influences group behavior. High-performing teams leverage their diversity for competitive advantage. A team that can take advantage of the difference in each individual's diversity and characteristics can really go a long ways. Cultures are all different, and the more differences there are that can be put together to work together the more experiences and knowledge there will be to complete all needed tasks. Culture diversity or demographic characteristics can be harmful when working in a team also. If the team is full of members that do not fully understand and accept each individual for who they truly are, then the individuals may tend to bump heads more than getting along and working together. The backgrounds of each individual make it tough some times at first for people to be able to work together. People can be so different, value different things, feeling different about each issue or just be plain out different from others, and that's okay. If it is a high performance team then like I said the individuals will take advantage of the difference between all of the team members and makes the team's performance be incredible.

The most important item to making a team work well and become a high-performance team is communication and the ability to be non-judgmental. The team members have to be able to have an open mind and use each others thoughts and turn them into brilliant ideas. Culture diversity or different demographic characteristics truly can be a great benefit to a team if all members can set aside personal opinions and use good judgment. Individuals whom are different, is how the world came to be what it is today. The more society can train and build high performance teams with all different cultures the more the world can succeed.

High performance teams and groups are what make the business world go around. If an organization can properly train their employees to be ethical with all involved culture and difference in characteristics the better their chance of building extremely high performing teams to reach the company goals. Each individual brings power to the circle of their team, it is up to the individual members to make sure that each member's power is being



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