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Herb Kelleher

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Herb Kelleher

        Southwest is one of the most admired companies in the country, a respected industry, it is an American airline based in Dallas, Texas. It is the largest airline in the United States that controls the costs of operation of aircraft types and the use of the high-density routes throughout the United States. It offers some traditional airline services including first-class seating, airport lounges, reserved seat assignments, and video and audio program. Southwest airlines say that if it is not offered the services, it can offer lower fares and produce a higher return on invested capital than other airline companies. Herb Kelleher is a CEO, that has built a unique organization and has been a great success in a very competitive market.

Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest Airlines (SWA) has spent his majority of his time working in an environment that inspires creativity and passion in the employees. Herb Kelleher has taken an alternative path in putting his employees first while emphasizing his workforce as the most vital source providing a competitive advantage.

         Herb Kelleher's leadership style is the opposite of the many leaders that have thrived in business for centuries. He does not "rule" over his employees but rather, rules with his employees. Kelleher believes that leadership is the job of every employee, not just upper-level management but believes that every employee should have the ability to ascertain situations and be able to act on their own decisions. Employees should be able to lead other employees to make decisions. He feels that anyone can make leadership decisions as long as they have experienced the any situation. He leads them to believe that they can be leaders also. Kelleher's ability to lead is supported by the leadership offered by all of the employees in the organization.

Kelleher can be described as being a charismatic leader to inspire people to place the needs of their company as high as their personal needs and has an extraordinary effect on his/her followers. Charismatic leaders are extremely self-confident, have visions of the future and behave in extraordinary ways. Kelleher exemplifies these qualities he is self-confidence and shows in his ability to take chances in changing the face of the airline industry. His vision of the airline industry has become a reality over the last decade and will continue into the future. Lastly, his energetic and playful behavior has drawn people to love him. He thinks that people are motivated to use their leadership qualities to better the company.

The reason Herb Kelleher distinguishes himself from others not as an individual leader but he states, "I do not think more as a leader than anybody else in the organization". However, he thinks that their jobs is to never lose focus on keeping the cost low and never suffer with a big amount of debt. As for him as far as leadership is concerned, he thinks that everybody needs to be a leader in order to have a successful company. Because of everybody, by example sets a leadership standard. As he said, "I don't care whether you're checking bags or loading them in the bin or no matter what you're doing." He means by setting a standard for other people and want people to be leaders. We think everybody is a leader no matter what their job is.

One of his values in the mission statement is humility as a corporation. Has he said, "I think humility is very important in keeping your eye on the carrot, keeping focused outwardly instead of inwardly, and knowing when you have to change." Because he constantly has warned people over the years that, as the company became bigger and more successful, their only enemy was themselves, not their competitors.

The worst moment that he had in business was fear that Southwest Airlines wouldn't move forward. But, as for people to work without fear, he wants them to have some fun, some satisfaction from their job. It's not just about money, it's also how you feel about what you're doing. He wants people to be recognized, participated, and be creative.  According to Kelleher, he focusses mainly on every person at the company, not just their work but personally. It is rare that few companies are willing to put that much effort, time, and attention  to improve employees to get better.

When he was starting the airline, he wanted people to have a different attitude when they got off the Southwest flight. Well, as what he said, "… that I wanted people to value Southwest because of the experience that they had." In other words, he provided a very good product at a very reasonable price, but in addition to a good product and a reasonable price. He likes to hear a sense of saying "boy that was fun, I liked that and I'm coming back."

What he belief was that if passengers had fun if they were relaxed, if you really connected with people, they would love it as customers. He thinks that's something that everyone is looking for in America and they find it on Southwest Airlines because people are just wonderful and respectful.  He deeply believes that it would be beneficial to any company that was willing to focus that way and spend the time and resources that it takes to accomplish it to make a customer comfortable.



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