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Henry Ford Civilized the Us

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Essay Preview: Henry Ford Civilized the Us

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Soudakham Keomisy


ESL History Pd 5

31 October 2016

Henry Ford Civilized the US

Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motor Company, He also the one who put American fon wheel with Model T and assembly. Henry Ford was born in July 30, 1863, Greenfield township in Michigan. He died on April 7, 1947, Fair Lane, Dearborn MI at the age of 83 years old because of Intracerebral hemorrhage ( He civilization America, since he has found  Ford Motor Company in June 16,1903. Three main idea are: Henry Ford built car only for 93 minutes after he improved all the system, his first time the car was hit with the middle class of America and lastly he assigned his workers for each things so they can built car faster.

Henry Ford changed many things, he also has changed many people who live  in the US. Before people have no cars, there is cars but some people couldn’t afford it because before 1908, cars are luxury and only wealthy people can afford it, also cars are high quality and expensive, so some of them have to walk but after Henry Ford build a car by his company, the US has been more developed. In 1896, he completed what he called the “Quadricycle”, which consisted of a light metal frame fitted with four bicycle wheels and powered by a two-cylinder, four-horsepower gasoline engine ( improve upon his prototype, Ford sold the Quadricycle in order to continue building other vehicles.After that, Ford was dedicated to the production of an efficient and reliable automobile that would be affordable for everyone the result was the “Model T”, which made its grand opening  in October 1908. “Model T is the model’s low price point”. Henry Ford came out with a Model T nicknamed “Tin Lizzie” and it went on sale in 1908 and was so successful within just a few month ( the time, only a few cars were assembled per day, and groups of two or three workers built the cars by hand from parts that were ordered from other companies.Model T was a simple car to build, own, and drive . Henry Ford helped millions of people, people could travel to places they had never been before. They could visit friends and family and products can be shipped in trucks (Roop and Roop 57) . Then he had made a Ford factories made Ford tractors, tractors made farmers life more easier (Roop and Roop 59) .He decided to think more idea to make it faster and efficiency. He improved a lot, after he had success with the “Tin Lizzie” many people know, and it became famous  as research from (, he have more orders coming in more than the company has satisfy.  Then Henry Ford  put practice technique of mass production that would revolutionized American industry. In 1927 Ford moved production to massive industrial complex ( In the same year Ford ceased the Model T and introduce a new Model A to American people, which is have better horse powers and brakes, so then many people can try a new brand car which is better than the Model T. Model A has been really famous and was outsold by Chevrolet, Model A was discontinued in 1931. But the time passed by only for one year, Ford has come out with a new model to represent to all American people to see how beautiful it is in 1932, but the company had dropped to number three in sales when Ford came out with another new model, he was too slow to present it to people ( Then he has a failure, and his security staff clashed with the (UAW) and then they have a battle. Henry Ford has failed bid and he has lost a campaign ( The next two years, 1945 Henry Ford has passed away and the time has pass through 2014, the CEO of Ford Motor Company right now is Mark fields. He’s continuing as Henry Ford has pass away. Even-though  Henry Ford passed away a lot of people still support him. Many people still continuing buy Ford car. Even now everywhere I go, I saw Ford car, it’s actually nice and I think it’s really comfortable, many people give them back a good feedback and a good reviews.



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