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Hemophilia a and Hemophilia B

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y/n: Hi! My name is y/n, I'm 15 years old and I have severe Hemophilia.

Doctor: Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that prevents blood from clotting properly. This can lead to spontaneous bleeding as well as bleeding causing injuries and surgeries.

When a person has a Hemophilia he/she doesn’t have enough of one of those clotting factors he/she needs to form a clot and h/s keeps bleeding longer than he should.

It is categorized separately as HEMOPHILIA A and HEMOPHILIA B because they are due to different deficiencies of clotting factors. If your missing factor 8, you have a Hemophilia A, and if your missing factor 9, you have Hemophilia B. Either one can be mild, moderate or severe.

: Hemophilia is said to be an inherited condition you had from birth. How it is inherited, Doc?

Doctor: It is an inherited disease in which there is a defecting factory gene, and this factory gene is inherited in X link recessive manner, [ with copy -> which means that it manifests the disease in males and women are often the carriers, so mothers are often the carriers and this happens in majority of cases of Hemophilia ] and yet there may be cases with mothers are not the carriers and there could be a mutation leading to offspring being Hemophilia.

y/n: Sometimes Hemophilia really affects me because I bled a lot in my right joint and that hurts a lot especially when I have trainings at school, so, it was the worst because I've missed a lot of trainings and I just feel like I'm odd one out of everyone else.

: What are the causes of Hemophilia?

Doctor: Hemophilia is caused by mutation or change. This change or mutation can prevent the clotting protein from working properly.

: How does it work? How will you be able to know or any signs of having the disorder?

Doctor: Your blood



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