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Health And Nutrition

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1). The vitamin that I got the most of in my one week diet was Vitamin A which is a fat soluble vitamin that helps to promote vision. Night blindness occurs when you have a lack of vitamin A in your system and baldness could be an affect of too much vitamin A. I have not eaten enough vitamin A in my diet. A good way to change that is add carrots to my diet. Some of the foods that I ate that contained vitamin A in some way were chicken, baked beans, chili, hot dog, BBQ sauce, lunch meat, and pepperoni pizza. There are a lot there, but some were in such small portion that they did not contain an adequate amount of vitamin A. That combined with the small amount of vitamin A that each one contained tells why there is a deficiency of my vitamin A intake.

2). I get the smallest amount of vitamin D in my diet. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that helps to facilitate calcium absorbtion. Again I am not getting enough of this vitamin in my diet. Milk, egg yolks, and salmon would all be beneficial

to my intake of vitamin D. Too much vitamin D can cause calcium deposits in different areas of the body. I ate no foods that contained calcium. My daily value was zero.

3). The major mineral in my diet is Sodium, and it aides nerve impulse transmission and is a major ion of extracellular fluid. Unfortunately for me, I cannot find a good balance between my value and the daily value because I have too much of this mineral. Too much can cause high blood pressure. Beer, Baked beans, coffee, chicken, pork bacon, and salad dressing are just a few of the many that I have eaten.

4). I get the least zinc in my diet. It is a trace mineral required for enzymes, growth, and immunity. It also changes your alcohol metabolism and sexual development. Because there is a lack of this in my diet, foods like seafood, leafy greens, meats, and grains would all be good sources. You shouldn't have any more than 45 mg a day because the toxicity



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