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Have You Ever Faced Struggles in Life? If So, How Did You Overcome Your Struggles?

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Essay Preview: Have You Ever Faced Struggles in Life? If So, How Did You Overcome Your Struggles?

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Have you ever faced struggles in life? If so, how did you overcome your struggles? Well, there is a character in the book titled, Reaching Out, by Francisco Jimenez who overcomes hardship. Francisco Jimenez faces a lot of challenges throughout this book. The first struggle that Jimenez faced was that he missed some school days and went to school late. Secondly, his family and him had struggles with finding food to eat. Thirdly, his family’s house burned down. For all these struggles and challenges, Jimenez has to work hard in school to become someone in the future to help his family. This demonstrates to readers that education can get you a better life.

Francisco Jimenez overcome a struggle when he had to miss a lot of schools days. Evidence to prove this is that he stayed working hard in the farm to pick up fruits and vegetables. When he was working on the farm he couldn’t go to school. He went to school six weeks after the school year started.This is when Jimenez misses a lot of schools day because he has to work hard in the farm to help his family pick up products so they can sell them to buy what they need to survive. This illustrates that Francisco Jimenez faced challenges because he did not have any choice other than stay working on the farm. This is significant to him because he had to miss school days but school will get him a better life to help his family. He prefers to stay home and work at that time because his family needs money in order to survive.

Another struggle that Francisco Jimenez faces is the challenge of getting food to eat while he’s working the farm. For example, Jimenez was at Corcoran with his family, and they did not have money to buy food. They had to look for food in the trash behind the grocery store. This is when Jimenez and his family had to go to work in the farm but they did not have any food to eat. This reveals that Jimenez faced hard times because in that kind of situation, his family was very poor and they did not



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