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Harsewa Medical Trust

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        Har Sewa Newsletter


What is the charity?

What is the vision?

What are the aims?

Key achievements:

Since starting Har Sewa Medical Trust 5 years ago, there have been numerous key achievements:

  • Annual Medical Camps held in Moranwali village
  • Ambulance on call
  • Primary school restoration and development
  • Drop in surgery providing free medication and check ups
  • Reopening of hospital
  • Refurbishment of gym and providing all new equipment
  • New sewage drainage systems
  • Gursewa Nursing College, Panam have delivered medical laboratory tests to a total number of 450 patients.
  • Mediscan Clinical Lab, Mukandpur Road, Banga delivered a service to a total of 560 patients.
  • Over the past year a total of 97 patients were newly detected with Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Annually, a total increase of 100 patients are newly detected as hypertensive.
  • Patients who suffered with cataract and other eye problems underwent a surgical procedure at Drishti Hospital in Banga. Annually, a total of 150 free spectacle are given, as well as 100 free Glucometers, free medication to all patients and langar.

Drop in Surgery:

The drop in surgery is open to patients three times each week. Patients are also able to access medical guidance and assistance outside of these times in case of an emergency. This service is free to all patients, in terms of both consultation and medical prescriptions, regardless of where they reside. In other words, it is a free service which is open to all individuals. Har Sewa Medical Trust have agreed for an eye surgeon to sit regularly together with free medication that is being distributed during the evening surgeries. Great achievement in securing such a high profile eye surgeon can offer eye and sight diagnosis and treatment plans.

The graph below shows the amount of patients who were provided with medical advice and assistance at the drop in surgery in 2017 and 2018. There has been an increase of 100% from 2017 to 2018 who seek medical guidance on a daily basis.

[pic 1]

Civil Dispensary:

The civil dispensary is operated by a newly appointed medical officer and the service provided to all individuals also delivers free prescriptions and medicine. This service is provided by Har Sewa Medical trust and delivers to all patients within Moranwali as well as outside villages. Through the service provided within 2 laboratories; Modern labs in Moranwali, and Mediscan Lab in Banga facilitate medication and prescriptions on a daily basis to a increasing number of patients. The civil dispensary aims to cater for all individuals. Individuals who are underprivileged and therefore unable to access medical resources, Har Sewa Medical Trust provides them with a free service to any resources and facilities they may require. In 2017 the dispensary was under the organisation of Zila Prishad, and a limited amount of just under 10 patients daily visited the civil dispensary. However, from 2018, with the trust efforts from Har Sewa, the civil dispensary has a new doctor who is able to consult daily with 80-100 patients, as well as immediately provide prescriptions and medications as required.

[pic 2]

Local Hospital:

The village hospital has been re-opened with focus to revive this service and provide care and assistance to the most needed. In most cases, this service is being used by those who otherwise would not be able to fund hospital care.

How big is the hospital and how many beds? (substance) 


With generosity of funds from natives abroad, an ambulance was purchased in 2015. Since then, the ambulance has been used to transport patients to hospitals to receive the care they need. The service is free for all patients and has been used by all individuals in the Pind, as well as contributors and supporters. Patients have been transported by the ambulance to hospitals such as CMC Ludhiana, DMC Ludhiana, PGI Chandigarh etc.

[pic 3]

Annual Camp:

The most recent medical camp was held in February 2018, with a total of 2,180 patients and doctors from World Cancer Care Charitable Society provided medical care on patients. World Cancer Care Charitable Society is a global organisation registered with the UK and State Government of Punjab working towards the cause of creating awareness and early detection of cancer among people living in the urban, semi urban and rural areas. World Cancer Care Charitable Society work through mobile camps in India and undertake digital Mammograms for Breast Cancer, Pap Smear for Cervix Cancer, Oral Cancer and PSA for Prostate cancer.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all supporters and donators.

Moranwali Village School:





Girls %age

Pre primary



































The daily school routine involves; morning assembly, classes, sports activities.

Extra activities held in Moranwali School:

  • Yoga classes
  • Clay making
  • Graph making
  • Sports activities
  • Kabadi team
  • Summer camps (recognised District Award)

The school has 2 teachers which have been provided by Har Sewa Medical Trust, which are educated to district level. There is also a watch man who provides security around the school premises, ensuring the children are in a safe working environment.



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