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Hard Times

In 'Hard Times' Dickens writes about a strict educational system where children learn facts and only facts but I do not believe that Dickens favours this type of education because in the text it reads "and swept with their eyes the inclined plane of little vessels then and there arranged in order ready to have imperial gallons of facts poured in to them until they we're full to the brim" this does not imply the thing in question is children more like a jug. It's even like these children are being force-fed.

The titles of the chapters really say a lot about Dickens view of education because he is describing the chapter but with a lot of irony about it, almost criticising it and the style of education.

Dickens invented these names to describe what he thought of the characters. Mr Gradgrind, Dickens uses this invented name to imply that he grinds facts into the Children. The name fits the personality. the same with Mr M'choakumchild. The name implies he strangles children.

Sissy Jupe is a poor girl which means she has not had a very good education. She is treated differently as school because her financial difficulties. She gets no respect from her peers. The complete opposite of her school is a boy called Bitzer he and his family are well off. The financial side of things enables him to be 'smarter' as he has been at school, so therefore be treated with more respect. So the difference between the two is money. Everything always comes down to riches. If you haven't got any then no education which leads to no job later in life

School in 'Hard Times' is described as a very white room. Dickens describes the room in a very fake way. The room almost appears to me like an enormous balloon filling you with 'Facts', being pumped by all the learning just getting pumped until it can get pumped any more. The balloon



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