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Hard Work Gives Bed-Linen Maker Fitting Success

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Essay Preview: Hard Work Gives Bed-Linen Maker Fitting Success

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Master of Business Administration Programme – Weekend


Course: MBA 530 Management Process & Practice

Case Study 01

Organizational Environment

Hard work gives bed-linen maker fitting success

Dhanushka Anthony - 2014/ MBA/WE/03

Submitted to

Lecturer: R. Senathiraja, PhD

Faculty of Management & Finance

Postgraduate & Mid-career Development Unit

University of Colombo

Question 01.

Identify the elements of the task environment and of the general environment for Mayfran Singapore.

  • Task Environment
  1. Customers
  2. Competitors
  3. Partners
  4. Labor Market

  • General Environment
  1. Technology– Automated manufacturing facilities, technology transfer from strategic alliances, which led to diverse range of products introduced.
  2. Economical – over 30% of the bed-linen market was captured
  3. International – Manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, two subsidiaries in Malaysia, sales office in Hong Kong.
  4. Socio- Cultural – Customer backgrounds.

Question 02.

How will the elements of the general environment alter as Mayfran focuses on the Designer Selective range?

Form a technology point of view; they will be required to introduce highly advanced production processes which will ensure the product quality is at a premium level. With a high end product, Mayfran will have to expand in to high end markets such as European and American markets. Mayfran will also need the aid of the technological environment in order to come up with innovations to gain competitive advantage.

 ‘Designer Selective’ came as a brand with high market because it caters preferences for majority of the people where it implies the sociocultural value in a general environment. Since Mayfran is in a process of expanding their business in different regions, the value of people beliefs should be a critical factor. As a differentiation factor Mayfran also has the opportunity to position the specific brand as green product. This will give the space to create huge margins for the product.



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