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Hannibal Barca

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Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca was born in 247 B.C in ancient Carthage. His father, Hamilcar Barca was a Carthiniage leader who fought in the first Punic War, and was very harsh with Hannibal. At a young age he had Hannibal go through a brutal ritual to promise hate on Rome. When Hamilcar died in 228 B.C, Hannibal took over the Carthaginian Army. The Second Punic War was was the battle between Carthage and Rome. Throughout this war, Hannibal killed thousands of Romans and many of his soldiers because of what he put them through. Hannibal was a ruthless leader that demonstrated brutality.

To start off, not only was Hannibal responsible of thousands of Roman deaths but also many of his own soldiers deaths. He had dangerous plan of getting his men and his elephants across the Alps. One by one, almost all men dropped dead to the floor, but Hannibal kept going. This cruel leader had his African army go through extremely cold temperatures. In total, 25,000 men died in the Alps. This shows that, Hannibal was too harsh with his plan and because of it he lost more than half of his army.

Adding on, Hannibal had a somewhat smart but also bad plan of traveling and using elephants in the war, either way it was a brutal way of treating the elephants. Hannibal thought that when he showed up to the war with these big, scary animals, he would defeat the Romans without a doubt. Although, he did not think about how big of an anchor the elephants would be.

For example, the elephants walked at their own pace, and weighed hundreds of pounds which means that the soldiers needed to carry enough food for all of them. Also, Hannibal stumbled upon a river and needed to cross his soldiers and 37 elephants. Instead of taking one week to get the Rome, it took two because of the elephants.

Lastly, Hannibal was a cold blooded ruler for slaughtering 50,000 Romans in one day. It was what he ordered his men to do to people that



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