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Hank Kolb, Director Of Quality Assurance

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Essay Preview: Hank Kolb, Director Of Quality Assurance

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Operation strategy

Case study.

Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance.

Q1) the fundamental problem is management in general and senior management lacking the policies and visible support of a quality matters in particular. Even though, the appointment of Mr. Kolb is the right choice, still there is many other problems affiliated with quality control. The lack of management assurance of quality was evident once a chain of actions was being done wrong. Such actions are: putting schedule and market share above quality and safety, poor attitude about quality on behalf of the entire organization. They viewed quality as a secondary added value; whish was seen as an obstacle in doing their job. As in chain reaction the fundamental problem also created a bunch of other problems. These problems, as mentioned in the case study, are: lack of purchasing, design, and testing processes, inspections that are after the fact with out in-process controls or feed back loops. It also leads to a lack of product tractability, quality maintenance records of the equipment so improvement or stabilization data is not available. Thus all decision were made with no data in mind.


In order to setup a successful continuous improvement program Hank will have first to study very carefully the fundamental problems that caused the lack of quality from the first place. Once this is accomplished he will need to make sure that the senior management be involved in order to provide a clear support for a quality philosophy that will change the attitudes across the company. To follow up on the change of attitude in the entire company, Mr. Kolb will then need to start an awareness campaign in which it will provide the workers a clear understanding regarding the cost of poor quality and the value of good quality processes as part of this management support. Mr. Kolb should make a sure that perfect quality is the solution and hence making the quality assurance printed in the



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