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Hamlet Written by William Shakespeare

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The play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, was about a man named Hamlet who planned to seek revenge on the man, his Uncle Claudius, who murdered his father. He had a plan to seek revenge by acting as if he was insane and lost his mind. Throughout the play everyone ,including his mother, his lover, Ophelia, and others, assumed that he was a  “nut job” but what they did not know was that he was planning to murder his uncle by acting like a madman. Hamlet was able to act insane because he has been through many tragic losses and had extremely conflicting emotions that drive most people to be insane. Some of these events were  of his father’s death , his mother getting remarried to his uncle, and the loss of the love of his life Ophelia. These three events are what lead him to be able to act like a madman.


When people lose a relative or parent because they were murdered most people would want justice for the death of that relative or parent. Hamlet is one of those many people who fall into that category. After his father died and he found out his uncle killed him all Hamlet became obsessed with was seeking revenge on his uncle. All Hamlet could think about were ways in which to kill his uncle and to send him to hell. Many may have described Hamlet to be a madman but he was just a heartbroken man who was full of sorrow and sadness because he had lost his father . Losing a father can make anyone depressed but having to find out that your own uncle killed your father can make someone extremely distraught and confused. It was hard enough dealing with his father death but then finding out he was murdered just added on to the stress he was already under and that is one of the main reasons he was able to pull of acting insane.


When two people fall in love it feels like they are on top of the world and they can do anything. They feel warm and happy but then if you lose that person it completely shatters your heart and makes you feel like there is nothing to live for. Hamlet did not just lose Ophelia emotionally but physically as well. As previously mentioned having a loved one die can ruin a person. It was difficult for Hamlet to see Ophelia everyday knowing what they once had and could have had in the future.



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