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Gpr Is Good

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  1. Introduction
    In this time period project, nondestructive testing/evaluation (NDT/E) method such as the microwave/radar method is being used to investigate the structural fitness of the Ball-Onley walking bridge. The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system uses radar pulses to photograph the subsurface, therefore, approves us to observe any subsurface deterioration. Another civil infrastructure machine such as the underground tunnel connecting Southwick Hall to Lydon library would also be a notable use of a business floor penetrating radar gadget if the objective is to map out the rebars. Since the GPR cannot penetrate metallic materials however nonetheless responds to it, it is efficient to map out the rebars with little noise in the background.
  2. Methodology
    For the purpose of our term project task, we will perform two surveys using UtilityScan® DF, one on the Ball-Onley walking bridge and the second one on the underground tunnel connecting Southwick Hall to Lydon library.

    The first survey is going to be performed Ball-Onley walking bridge. Ground penetrating microwave radar instrumentation and techniques applied to bridge assessment provide the ability to gain information about the condition of bridge decks in a more rapid and less expensive fashion than coring and perhaps more can yield more reliable assessment than current geotechnical procedures.  The radar on the bridge deck will be very sensitive to metal; diffractions from the rebar reinforcement will be clearly seen in the GPR reflection data. The strength of the radar returns (from the rebar reinforcement and internal layering) can be directly associated with the amount of deterioration; i.e., the lower the signal strength the more deck deterioration is present. In addition to amplitude information, the radar signal also has travel time information; i.e., the later the arrival time of the return from the same depth within the concrete (e.g., the rebar mat) is indicative of an increased dielectric constant (decreased electromagnetic velocity). Automated interpretation schemes try and duplicate what visual inspection can pull out in terms of the variability in these two diagnostic indicators (amplitude and travel-time).

    The second survey is going to be performed on an underground tunnel connecting Southwick Hall to Lydon library. GPR system is a real-time technique making it a rapid and reliable method for tunnel wall integrity survey. The results will be displayed on a radargram that represents the cross-sectional view of the survey line. The x-axis is the distance traveled by the GPR antenna while the y-axis is the time of wave travel. Meanwhile, the color scale represents the polarity of the wave. The purpose of the GPR survey is to map anomalies in the tunnel wall such as fracture lines, voids and determine water content relatively. Areas with relatively higher water content were identified. The tunnels experience areas of higher water content which can be seen visually with water dripping and seeping through the wall tunnel.

  1. Summary of progress
    In this term project, GPR will be used to map the zones of deterioration and delamination on the Ball-Onley walking bridge and on the underground tunnel connecting Southwick Hall to Lydon library. This can help the constructors and engineers to take necessary steps to save the bridges and tunnels from damaging which can ultimately lead to huge loss. It is much safer and less expensive to locate issues early on and conduct repairs accordingly vs rebuilding a bridge or putting public safety at risk. GPR is a reliable method for locating objects buried in concrete. The ability to utilize quantitative assessments and the data provided to conduct repairs on vital infrastructure assets in order of importance, allow the asset owners to conduct repairs and maintenance in order of importance and within budget.



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