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Government Regulation On The Internet

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How involved should the Government be when it comes to regulation of the Internet? There are many different issues regarding internet regulation. Should Internet users be responsible for controlling how they use the Internet? Since the internet has been introduced to Americans there have been many debates on how involved the Government should be in regulating topics such as violent games, gambling, and sexual content.

The Internet is a very useful source for many things. It has almost become a way of life for some people It has faded out things such as post offices, shopping malls and even telephones to some extent. So since it has become such an asset in peoples lives then should there be laws to prevent chaos on the Internet?

People can do almost anything from their computer now and that includes children under the age of eighteen. I think that the biggest issue with regulations on the Internet is children taking advantage of the fact that no one can see them, no one can ID them so there is nothing that a teenager cannot do on the internet. So what should the Government do? The Government has power to control who can gamble and who can purchace certain items at a casino or store but how can the government possibly stop a teenager from doing this online? It needs to be up to the parent to control how their child uses the Internet.

Another issue is video games on the internet. There are a lot of violent video games now days, most of which you have to be eighteen to purchase. There are also a lot of violent video games on the Internet that you have to be eighteen to play but all you have to do is check the little box that says yes I am eighteen or over, and who would know any different but that person?

A lot of people are very adament about self-regulation. Any other kind of government regulation on the internet would be a very long process. It's not just the U.S. that has access to this tool. It is the World Wide Web, meanig it's



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