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Government Essay

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Town Board Meeting 10/17/07

I attended the Town Board meeting at Chenango Town Hall on October 17, 2007. It was an informal setting that consisted of four Town Council appointees, the supervisor, and the Town Attorney. There were also two men there who represented the starting conversations of the Public Workers Report. The Council men and women included Russ Hemedinger, Rhonda Pudiak, Harold Snopek, and Charles Croll. The supervisor was Margaret Turna and Donald G. Walls was the town attorney. When I entered the room, everyone was very welcoming and told me to make myself comfortable and that if I had any questions they’d be more than happy to answer them. This eased the somewhat felt tension of the room. Soon after me, three citizens of the county showed up along with some other students. Once the meeting started at 4:00pm, the first and only matter of business was the Public Workers report.

The first person to speak of a kind of report was Don Benjamin, the head of the Public Workers committee. Don went on the tell the board that he had a team fixing some water pipes down on Frederick Road in Chenango Valley school district that were damaged during last years flooding. Unfortunately, he mentioned some problems they were running into due to the drainage pipes. Although there were no complaints heard from any of the council staff, Don’s team has yet to tell everyone affected that there will be a boil water advisory soon that could last anywhere from three to seven days. At the end, Don was given a chore of finding a way to take care of a problem fire hydrant in the town.

The second person to speak was Mike Kwartler, Highway supervisor. His first matter or business consisted of the progress of a local clean up that happened this past Saturday. He stated that everyone working at the dump site was very active and working hard and was pleased to announce that they had filled 11 dumpsters



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