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Gossip Girl Book #1

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Essay Preview: Gossip Girl Book #1

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In this first novel, life is beautiful for our teens from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They're rich, they're beautiful, and they know it. Blair Waldorf is the ringleader of the crew, which includes her handsome but weak-hearted boyfriend, Nate. This femme fatale in training relishes her role and is confident that she and Nate will be together forever. Then the teen every girl loves to hate, Serena Van der Woodson, returns from her Connecticut boarding school, and the young women start fuming. Serena is beautiful and charming, and could unknowingly steal the hearts of brothers and boyfriends -- and she and Nate have a secret history. Of course, ridiculous rumors are abuzz that Serena was expelled for everything from sleeping with half the student body to sacrificing live chickens, but no one knows the real deal because it would be totally unhip to appear too interested in her. She doesn't have time to offer explanations anyway, since she's busy trying to fit in with her old clique, who don't seem to want her around. It may be time for Serena make new friends, but with whom? Gossip Girl reports on Serena's struggle with the group and more -- their dates, their parties, their crushes, and their secrets -- and she tells it all with such knowledge that you, too, will wonder as you close this page-turner, "Who is she?" (Michele D. Thomas)

In Gossip Girl, when the beautiful Serena van der Woodsen returns to private school after mysteriously getting kicked out of boarding school, the whole school is talking. All Blair Waldorf knows is that there's no freaking way Serena's going to just waltz back in with her Jimmy Choo mules and Kate Spade bag and steal everyone's heart again. But Serena's got other things on her mind, like college pressure and living up to everyone else's extreme expectations. Plus there's that Ryan Phillippe-looking guy who stands across the street and stares at her all the time.

Set in a rich all-girls school full of bulimic, rich, and snotty girls, you'll see into the thoughts of Blair Waldrof, her boyfriend Nate, and her used-to-be best friend Serena van der Woodsen. Blair badly wants to have sex with her boyfriend Nate, and when the moment comes, Nate spills about having slept with



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