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Good Or Evil

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Humankind: Good or Evil?

The nature of humankind has been explored endlessly, with no clear-cut answers. What each person believes the nature of humans to be is a very personal belief. That belief is shaped by the religion they follow, the culture they grew up in, and by their life experiences. What people believe has a large impact on the way they live their lives. It is my opinion that people are inherently good but we all have good and evil feelings it is weather we chose to act on the good or the bad that determines the kind of person you will become.

My opinion that people are inherently good has developed gradually over time. One reason for this viewpoint is the fact that I believe we are all created in God's image by God to serve him. If that is truly the case, then I feel that people would be inherently good, as God is. God would not create someone who was inherently evil. People do sin, and some people could even be considered 'evil,' but overall I feel that most people do try and lead a good life by being kind to others and helping those in need.

Another reason for my belief is the culture that I have grown up in. This may seem strange, since many people complain that our society is too filled with violence and other 'bad' things. However, the very presence of such arguments about our society shows that most people do not find violence to be a solution and in fact are appalled by it. By showing their anger for violent programming and acts, society tells people what it truly values: love and peace. Therefore, the belief that people are inherently good is supported by the culture that I grew up in.

The experiences that one has throughout their life also shape their belief. In my life, I have had many experiences that reinforce my belief that people are inherently good. I have seen people unselfishly helping others in many circumstances. Many people give blood to save some stranger they will never meet liv. Many people donate their organs and bodies after their own deaths to help save the lives of future generations.

What people believe the nature of humankind to be has a dramatic impact on the way that they live their lives? I feel that because people are inherently good, they should be allowed more freedom than they are sometimes given, as I think that in most cases people will not do things to harm themselves or others. For example, laws are important, but most of them simply reinforce the ideas of most people that certain behaviors are wrong. I feel that even without laws most people



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