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According to recent surveys, nearly ninety-three percent of the more than 6 billion people on this earth believe in some form of deity. Mankind uses God as a source of spiritual guiding, an explanation for fundamental principles of human existence, and because friends and family have pressured them to partake in the same values individually accepted as truth. God is nearly as old as humankind itself is, and the sometimes-perplexing concepts of the absolute ruler of humanity are often complicated and impossible to understand. Many of the world’s bloodiest and seemingly endless present day conflicts center on relentless opposition for other religions. The human race defines God as assistance during a rough patch, a spiritual, and a source of fanaticism that generally strays away from the sacred and theological teaching of his eternal power.

A belief in God often brings about a sense of serenity and general calmness in those who faithfully believe in his supreme powers over the life and well-being. Church attendance spikes can often reflect the current state of affairs in a nation or region. After the September 11th attacks on New York City, many previously well off people in the New York metropolitan area, as well as the rest of the nation, felt deep hardship as many family members, nationalist views, and financial assets came down with the towers. Many people turned to God as a way to recover from their internal wounds and jumpstart the healing process in their lives. They find the community atmosphere and forgiving nature of the Christian society allows them to become one with themselves and God. In this case, God is more than an explanation for how elemental Earth processes like how life on the world began, but an inviting lifestyle allowing for the recovery during a down time in a person’s life.

Of those ninety-three percent of people that claim to believe in some sort of God, only around one-third of those attend church or worship service on a regular basis. Some of the reasons for this dramatic drop off from a purely numbers standpoint include the perceived lack of importance of attending church, the fundamental that faith will make you saved, and the continued Westernization of the world. Many casual believers consider church boring and redundant because often times the messages, readings, and sequence of events are similar from week to week. However, this is hardly the case. Every week opportunities for forgiveness and the sanctity of eternal life become available at a church service. In the Catholic tradition,



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