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Glacial Lake Floods Threaten Tibet

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Essay Preview: Glacial Lake Floods Threaten Tibet

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Glacial lake floods threaten Tibet   Date-20/9/2016

On August, the 33rd international Geographic Congress was held and one geologist mentioned that 6 lakes in the Southern Tibbets was being classified to be very dangerous because the glacier have melted down and created a flood. Before this situation was happened there was more than 30 GLOFs occurred in Tibet. Once in 1981 a lake called Cirenma Co was collapsed because of the ice avalanche and it affects the other country by raising the water level by 30 m (It covers 30 km) and it also destroy some of the village and killed a group of people.

And the biggest point is now the Cirenma Co is full of water again mentioned by a Chinese hydrologist. He said that it’s not just the only one that increase since the last 30 years ago. He also mentioned that over 60% of his research shown that the level of the water increase more than 100% in some places so it’s very dangerous if the expanding rate tend to increase so after this situation was known the Nepal was scared of a big disaster because one of the geologist mentioned that there might be around 30000 people who were affected by this situation. After that the researcher said that the amount of water should be monitored or measured all the time (If the amount of water is high the monitor will send the warning signal to the management center) but this way didn’t work in Nepal because of the distance so one geologist said that the monitor should be placed very close to the lake and this’ll need the cooperation between China and Nepal to shared information to prevent GLOFs to happen again

I think the article benefit our country because in Thailand they also have a problem of flooding every year in the rainy season and the government try to spend on the research or invest on building big dam to store the water but it’s not the way to prevent the disaster. I think the way that the geologist thinks of the machine that is used to measure the amount of water is very workable because the citizen can know when to escape from the disaster by using the warning signal. As you have seen in Thailand biggest flood, the citizen house and facilities was ruined by the water because of the citizen don’t know what is going on. If the monitor can link the amount of water in the lake or in the river to everyone’s mobile phone I think it’ll be the best way for solving this problem and I surely believe that it’ll cost only a few million baht to start this project. After reading the article I’ve known that nowadays there were lots of disaster around the world.



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