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Girl With A Pearl Earring

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The Story is set in Delft, Holland in the mid 17th century. Most of the story taakes place in Household of the Vermeers mainly in the studio, it also takes place at the meat market where we get introduced to Pieter and at Griet's parents house. The Vermeer's household is a big house full of catholics paintings and other painting made by Vermeer himself, which gave Griet an unesy feeling about the house, being protestant and all. In the outside the house and the family itself seem so perfect but actually aren't. The studio was a way for Greit to escape from everything, in there she was at peace looking at all the paintings and giving suggestions, and making the color; that is also how the realtionship between her and her master Vermmer formed a bond. Because of his catholic background he never acted upon his feelings. The market is always full of people and it gives you a sence of the life Greit lead as a maid. Griet parent's house is very small compare to the Vermeer's house and very cozy feeling. The time in which the setting is made gives us a way to see how it was to be a teenage girl in the 17th century if you weren't from rich family. The way the story is set we are able to see the hardship that goes aoround that time on when a parent mainly the father whom is the breadwinner of the family loses his job and what the family becomes. Also because of the time we see how the maids were treated and how they were at the bottom of the social class and all the streotype that came with the title.



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