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Germany During Wwi

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The main goal of the 1,900's for Germany was to regain power to where they once were during the 2nd reich. They spent most of these years figuring out how they were going to do it. In 1,914 the Archduke of Austria was shot by a Serbian during a parade. Austria sends demands to Serbians on what they need to do. They failed to achieve these demands. In 1,914 Germany/Austria-Hungary declare war on the Serbians. Both sides start slaughtering each other and the war comes to who has more people. The German public thinks that Germany is winning when they really are not. Nov. 11th 1,917 the U.S. gets involved. Plastics were first being used in these times for airplanes. When the U.S. got involved it turned the allies' chances around. One year later, Nov. 11th 1,918 the allies force the enemies to surrender.

In 1,919 a meeting was called in Versailles except Germany and Austria-Hungary were not invited. The Russians were not involved either because of the Bulshevik revolution. By the end of the meeting it was decided that Germany had to pay the rest of the world a total of 32 billion dollars. The goals of France were to punish Germany and have more protection for their country. England's was to eliminate Germany's navy completely. Italy wanted control of the port cities. And Austria was split into 3 separate countries. In 1,919 Germany obtains a democratic government suggested by the U.S. The U.S. forms the DAAS plan which loans Germany the money they need. As a result of this, Germanys economy drops very fast and they go farther into debt.



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