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George Washington

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As a well respected clever person, we all know is George Washington. George Washington was a general and nations first’s president of the United States of America . He served two four-year terms from 1789 to 1797.Washington had accomplished many great things and succeeded throughout his life. Also by his accomplishments people

Benefited and suffered from it.

One of George Washington accomplishments was that he led the America ’s Continental Army victory over Britain in the Revolutionary (1775вЂ"1783).After that he became the president under the constitution. Since Washington was a good leader a lot people wanted to make him king of the new nation, but he refused. George Washington wanted a free, democratic and united country. Also Washington saw that the nation was not going well under its Articles of confederation and it wasn’t progressing. So he decided to help organize the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 17 87. Then when the new Constitution was ratified Washington was elected of first president.

The time period that George Washington was president was in the 1700-1800. In this time period it was early federalist era. In this time period congress passed the first laws organizing the government in the form of ten amendments to the new Constitution, which was the called the “Bill of Rights”. The purpose of the Bills of Rights was limit the power of the federal government and protects the rights of all the citizens. Also during this time George Washington establish the Judiciary Act of 1789 that established the entire federal judiciary. This is some of the characteristic of the time when George Washington was president.

Some of the positive and negative accomplishments Washington did w



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