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The goal in mineral exploraion is to find imperious meatless. It's what they call Ore. Ore is a mineral that have a lot of value. To find ore you want to identify target areas. Overtime narrow it down and pin point the ore of the minerals. The way geologists do this is first they would look at geological maps that show worth different rock types. Sometimes they use maps that people have already made. Geologist also uses geophysical maps to find out the different properties of rocks. Geologist use magnetic instruments to find out were magnetic rocks are. The rocks that have metal in them are magnetic. Gold and silver have different electrical signals then rocks without gold and silver.

Step two is to go in the field and try to find the rocks. Then geologist would pick different types of soil, and rock samples. Then they would take the samples to the lavatory an analyze them. If they are a high amount of gold, silver, and zinc. Geologist would call that a good area.

If the site looked promising then the next step is they would bring in a drill. And they would drill through the rock anywhere from 100 to 500 feet. Then a geologist would look at the rock samples from drilling and have them tested at a lab.

The educational requirements for a geologist are a minimum of a bachelor's degree in geology. The average salary for a year is anywhere from 25,00 to 70,000.

Right now there are a lot of job opportunities for geologist in South America. That's why I would choose to live and work in South America. The geography in South America is rugged mountain terrain. Some leisure activities are skiing,snowboarding, and mountain climbing. That's why I think South America would be a great place to live for my type of job.

Geology is an interesting career. You can peruse it



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