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How does geography affect us? I think geography is based on the five themes: location, place, movement, human/environmental interaction, and regions. Geography plays a significant role in how we live our lives today. Because of geography there are different materials in the world used to make produced goods.

Location affects us because of the latitude and longitudes of a certain region. Based on the region, it can be hot or cold, which would determine what we can grow and ship to other countries as goods for profit or exchanges.

All places on earth, have distinctive characteristics that makes it unique compared to other places in the world. They are classified as physical and human features.

Movement is necessary for certain people to do their jobs. Like if you were an animal farmer, you would need a suitable location to feed and raise your livestock. If you where a major food selling corporation you would want to be inherent in a busy city. You could also move to a small town and set up bigger companies, which would allow people to move there for the certain resources.

The environment offers many places for people to live in. If you wanted to plant crops you would probably want an area of large land with high-quality soil to plant your crops so that they can flourish.

A region is a boundary determined by its features. That could affect all of the themes above. Most of the things in my list came from China. China would be a suitable place to manufacture these goods, because there are so many people living there. Therefore labor is probably cheaper because there are so many people wanting work. Those are all reasons I think geography affects us.



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