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Genghis Khan

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When Temujin and his family were abandoned their life changed tremendously. Him and his family were used to be treated equally, if not better, than all the other families in their tribe because of their father’s position as khan. When Eeluck turned his back on their family they had to run into hiding. The family now had to learn how to find their own food and survive. The family needed to find animals to kill, and find a way to cook them. They also had to make their own weapons to complete any of those tasks. Temujin’s family and him had to find shelter by themselves and take on tasks they never were concerned about. When Temujin’s life changed a lot of internal factors of his changed. Temujin became more appreciative and aware of the things people had to do to survive and realized the leadership he was going to have to provide for his family’s well-being. He had to make tough decisions. One of those decisions was whether or not to kill Bekter. He knew that Bekter was finding food and eating it himself without sharing it with his family, and was taking his own share of the food the whole family got. However, even though Bekter and Temujin fight and do not get along he still loves Bekter, and knows that in the long run Bekter can help the family because of his physical and mental abilities. Once they lost their home Temujin was more aware of how much work it took to maintain a family, and to survive on only what you yourself can conquer. Temujin shows early leadership skills when he is set on his own and is able to succeed. The first time he shows superb leadership is when he ran away from Sholoi and Borte, and successfully made it home. Many boys his age who attempted that journey would not make it all the way home. Also after his family is betrayed and they are forced into hiding he shows leadership by always staying strong. For example when Temujin finally had worked hard to catch an animal and as soon as he did it



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