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Genesis Means Beginning

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The bible the most read book in the history of the world, specifically the book of Genesis, the most read and popular creation story in the world. The Adam and Eve part of Genesis has been mocked, reenacted, and talked about many times over. But what most people don't know is that the Adam and Eve story is actually two different stories. The second account is account is actually older than the first. Both have different themes, ideas, and moral values expressed that are important to both the Jewish and Christian religions.

The most obvious difference is the time taken to create, mold, and shape, the earth, animals, mankind, etc. In the first account this process took seven days, and in the second account it took three days. The first account is known for the time taken to create. The earth and all it contains was created in six days and on the seventh day God rested. Six days to create and on the seventh day, a day of rest, or the Sabbath. These sevens days make up the modern week, observed by most of the world. And throughout the world, the Sabbath has become widely recognized, everybody does nothing but rest.

Another obvious difference is mankind. In the first account man and woman were created equal because they were created at the same time. They were nameless and had no dialogue with God. In the second account man was created first and woman was created from the male by using his rib, making them not equal and ultimately making the male in charge of the woman (his property). They were given names, Adam and Eve, and were given rules by God making them able to talk to God on a regular basis while he was in human form.

There were commandments given in the second account; in the first account, there were no commandments given because there was no concept of "sin." Sin is a concept derived in the second account. Adam and Eve were given commandments about what they were allowed to eat, and told that they were



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